Build elastic data access

Lettuce is a scalable Redis client for building non-blocking Reactive applications


Lettuce is a fully non-blocking Redis client built with netty providing Reactive, Asynchronous and Synchronous Data Access .

Non blocking I/O

Low-latency communication, backpressure-enabled network engine for NIO TCP, epoll TCP and Unix Domain Sockets. Reactive Streaming is fully supported.

Scale Out

Redis Standalone, Master/Slave, Redis Sentinel and Redis Cluster. Lettuce connects with all operational models natively supported by Redis. Partition-tolerance, Read Slaves and Transport-Level-Security provide the required foundation for highly scalable applications.

Dynamic API

Redis Modules drive evolution and demand a client that is able to react to change. Lettuce's dynamic Redis Commands Interfaces leverage the dynamic module API with custom API interfaces.

Cloud Ready

Battle-tested with major Cloud-based Redis services. Lettuce adopts the specifics of various cloud offerings to seamlessly integrate for best performance.